Why Mom's Standard?

About Mom’s Standard
Breath a little easier. We’re here to help you relax in your home by creating healthier surroundings.

As a new age company our interest is to create sustainable jobs and provide superior quality service.

We're committed to improving the quality of life for as many New Yorkers as possible. This means providing an awesome service for you and ensuring the cleaners who service your home will be paid over 1.6% x minimum wage.

+We take your health and the environment into consideration by using eco-friendly cleaning products (Method, Meyers, Murphys)*.

+We offer customizable room aromas (essential oils).

+70 checkpoint cleaning list.

+Higher wages = people you can trust and rely on!

+Option to select the same cleaner for every cleaning-pending the cleaner's availability.

+2% of gross revenue is donated to non for profit organizations annually- MIMSI

+We're bonded and insured.

+Amazing customer support, contact us via telephone, SMS text messaging, or e-mail.

+100% customer satisfaction guarantee so you'll never have to worry about a disagreement with our cleaning standards!

Modification In Mother-Baby Mortality Statistics Initiative (MIMSI)

MIMSI International is an exciting new organization which delivers effective, vital, and life-preserving prenatal care to pregnant women in remote areas of the developing world.

MIMSI was conceived to reduce maternal morbidity and mortality in these regions, and is pursuing this goal through several approaches. MIMSI aims to address the limited access that many pregnant women have to vital prenatal surveillance by developing a large body of local and international community volunteers. Trained in prenatal monitoring and working side by side with health care professionals, these volunteers are able to treat pregnant women who were previously considered out of medical reach. 

Additionally, the use of specially-designed cloud-based software allows MIMSI to accelerate the reporting of a patient’s status, improving the communication and coordination of health workers in the field. The implementation of these systems in mobile clinics and in new, sustainable health centers will revolutionize the quality of prenatal care in rural, underserved populations. 

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